Have you ever sat through a corporate training module? They’re a nightmare. Every online marketing course we’ve seen so far gave us that same feeling of needing to stifle a yawn for hours at a time.

Enter The Pineapple Hustle.

Anna doesn’t “do” boring. Her course is designed to make sure students stay engaged and entertained while honing an expansive set of digital marketing skills that will never leave your brand feeling blah.



We’re ready to hit you with some knowledge

  • Marketing Theory – Why do we even do this? What’s the difference between marketing and sales? How do you find and reach your target audience?
  • Writing Like a Boss  – In general, people are terrible writers. But we’ll introduce you to the Art of Copy and teach you how to capture Shakespeare’s pithy energy whilst communicating with style and efficiency.
  • Graphic Design – Honestly, Anna could do an entire 125-hour course on fonts alone, but why stop there? Let’s talk colour palettes, layouts, Adobe software and Canva. Talk nerdy to me.
  • Photography/Videography + Editing Software – Don’t fall into the trap of having a great product but terrible images of it. We’ll teach you the basics of how to make your content shine.
  • Branding – Oh man. Branding = Our FAVE. For any of this to work, you’ve got to have cohesive brand guidelines that match your voice and your customers.
  • Your Avatar – If you don’t know your ideal client, how will you know where to find them or how to communicate in a way that resonates? Let’s crack the code!
  • Social Media Marketing 101 and the Platforms – An in-depth look at the what, why and how of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. How and what to post so people will want to follow you. Do you follow brands when it feels like they’re constantly selling to you? I didn’t think so.
  • Ephemeral Marketing – Think Facebook Lives and Instagram stories. Content that doesn’t stick around, but will make sure your customers do.
  • Emerging Social – Anna is uniquely qualified to discuss the opportunities of up and coming marketing platforms, having most recently spoken at InOrbit 2020 about the power of TikTok for brands. Don’t worry, she won’t make you do any of the dances.
  • Analytics – What good is marketing if you can’t measure any results? Learn how to read social media and Google analytics to find out how your efforts are contributing to your goals. We’ll look at attribution models, brand reach, conversion assists and engagement.
  • Content Marketing – Learn how to create and optimise valuable content that will drive organic (read: free) traffic to your website. We’re talking blogs and SEO – a long term strategy that can provide stellar results.
  • Facebook Ads – We’ll dive into how a paid strategy can supercharge your growth and drive conversions. Plus, we’ll reveal how remarketing to warm leads can be a game-changer for your business. 
  • Reputation Management – TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. Learn how to best keep tabs on your online reputation and turn negative reviews into positive opportunities.
  • Influencer Marketing – It’s not just models hawking DetoxTea. Learn how working with social media influencers can help your brand reach a larger audience – and how to separate the real ones from the Insta-famous.
  • Email Marketing – Email is dead? Don’t be so emo. Email offers one of the higher ROI’s in marketing. 
  • Working in Digital Marketing – The tips and tricks from current digital marketing professionals to help you craft the life you want. How to get clients, what to charge and how to set up your business for success.
  • Automation/CRM – If you’re not running a CRM to keep track of your clients and communication, you’re wasting your precious time with busywork. Streamline your processes and follow-up with customers in your sleep!
  • Software We Couldn’t Live Without– A seemingly unlimited number of SaaS companies vying for your attention can be overwhelming. Let our experience using a variety of platforms guide you to the most useful ones that will allow you to optimize your time and energy.
  • Social Media for Social Good – Anna truly believes in harnessing the power of social media to make the world a better place for us all. Learn how storytelling can engage an audience in a cause and how to turn the “likes” into action.
  • Crisis Management – “In these troubled times…” is a phrase everyone is sick of hearing at this point. But when disaster strikes, being prepared to handle it in a public forum can make or break your business. From earthquakes to pandemics, learn from Anna’s first-hand experiences.








As if we weren’t good enough alone…

Our proven course stands on its own. It’s consistently upgraded and tweaked with the best and most up to date information available from every digital marketing source worth its salt and tailored specifically for our students. But over the years our network has expanded to include experts in a variety of fields that stood out even to us. Now we’re bringing in those skilled individuals for what we’re dubbing our “Masterclass Sessions.” Lucky you!

Jason Wright

Internet Marketing Gold

Jason is a local SEO master who’s been featured in Business Rockstars, SIA, Search Engine Journal, SEO Rockstars, and more. As an agency owner and affiliate marketer, his experience comes from working for brands such as Disney, Myspace, Playboy to driving local domination for clients such as 800 No Cuffs, Medical Offices of David Schechter, MD, and BailSmart Bail Bonds. His 2-hour “Local SEO” masterclass is perfect for those looking to add local SEO domination to their arsenal.

Natalie Dalton

Bespoke Careers

As a hiring consultant and recruiter, Natalie Dalton knows her resumes. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to bring your CV into the 21st century and get noticed for your experience! Everything you never knew you needed to know about LinkedIn optimization, CV layout & formatting, and even what to list as your skills. Own your own business and wonder how this can help? Search for these types of resumes in your endless stack to instantly find the best candidates.


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$1,000Best for Self Learners
  • 100 Hours of On-Demand Marketing Lessons
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  • Masterclasses By Marketing Experts
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  • 100 Hours of On-Demand Marketing Lessons
  • 6 Month Access to On-Demand Videos
  • Masterclasses By Marketing Experts
  • Access to Template Library
  • ➕ Weekly Office Hours with Anna
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  • ➕ Quizzes and Certificate of Completion
  • ➕ 30 Minute Consultation with Anna
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$2,250The Paid Mentorship
  • 100 Hours of On-Demand Marketing Lessons
  • Lifetime Access to On-Demand Videos
  • Masterclasses By Marketing Experts
  • Access to Template Library
  • Weekly Office Hours with Anna
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access
  • Quizzes and Certificate of Completion
  • ➕ 5 Hours of 1:1 Consulting with Anna
  • ➕ 2 Weeks of Content Mentorship
  • ➕ 3 Month Access to Slack Channel


Stop stressing about reinventing the wheel and jump into your new project at full speed with our array of templates.

  • ◽️ Social Media Audit Template
  • ◽️ Social Media Content Calendar 
  • ◽️ The Hits List Tracker
  • ◽️ Social Analytics Template
  • ◽️ Group Scouting Research Template
  • ◽️ Hashtag Research Template
  • ◽️ Client Questionnaire for Facebook Ads
  • ◽️Content Development Worksheet
  • ◽️Instagram Grid Template
  • ◽️ IGTV Templates
  • ◽️Big List of Conversation Starters
  • ◽️ Blog Post Traffic Tracker
  • ◽️ The Perfect Blog Template
  • ◽️ Market Research Template
  • ◽️ Web Presence Tracker
  • ◽️Influencer Marketing Contract
  • ◽️ Branding Questionnaire Template for Clients
  • ◽️ Personal Brand Dart Board
  • ◽️ Time Sheet
  • ◽️ LinkedIn Pitch Templates
  • ◽️ Discovery Call Template
  • ◽️ And more…


125 Hour/5 Week Course in Live Zoom Webinars

This is what you came for - the expansive digital marketing course we've spent years crafting. Take it live or at your own pace! We begin July 1st, 2020.

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Can't make it to the live session? Need to revisit a lesson? You'll have access to all the lessons for 3+ months! Plus, we'll update our curriculum to include the evolving trends and regular changes in the digital marketing industry.

Masterclasses Taught by Marketing Experts

Specific modules taught by the some of the best in their field, including SEO, Facebook Ads and online storytelling.

Marketing Template Library

Don't reinvent the wheel. With our fill-in-the-blank templates, you'll be able to implement your new and improved marketing skills in no time.




Everything in the “Side Hustle”+ 6 Month Course Access and:

30 Minute Consultation with Anna

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Daily Q&A Webinars with Anna

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Exclusive Facebook Group Access

Join a community of current and former students moderated by ``The Pineapple Hustle`` experts for industry updates and answers to your questions.

Quizzes and Certificate of Completion

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5 Hours of 1:1 Consulting with Anna

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2 Weeks of Content Mentorship

The average business should generate ~130 posts and 1 blog per month. We'll look over every piece and provide feedback.

Feedback on Your First Blog

Need an editor? Our team will provide comments and constructive criticism on your first blog's grammar, copy and use of SEO.

3-Month Access to Slack Channel

Slide into our DM's. Get direct access to our team and a community of likeminded Piña Hustlers via our dedicated Slack channel.