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First off, we're geared definitively towards small businesses/start-ups with limited budgets. Second, our course is very comprehensive (check "The Course" tab for the full syllabus) and builds on itself - meaning we don't break off certain modules to be taught on their own like many other courses do. Lastly, we're WAY more fun and break things down into an easy to understand format.
We will only be offering the "live course" option once and this is for the session that begins on July 1st. Classes will run from 9-12pm PDT and 6-8pm PDT Monday through Fridays through August 5th.
We'll be hosting live lectures through the course, but don't stress if you can't make that time or if you miss a session. All sessions will be available for viewing on-demand. There will be limited Q&A during the live sessions anyway, so viewing the recordings is no problem at all. If you're interested in more live feedback, consider The Entrepreneur or The Executive package for more one on one time with Anna.
Fill in the blank, the answer is the same: not at all. We teach our course by building upon things as we go, it's good for entry level AND more advanced users. You should have at least a basic understanding of computers, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Buuuut, if you don't have that basic understanding you're probably not here reading this either. So...
Of course! However, The Executive package is by application only and has limited space. So if you're interested in leveling up, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
This one gets a little's pretty easy to downgrade from The Entrepreneur to The Side Hustle. However, The Business Owner package is by application only with limited space because Anna only has so many hours for 1-on-1 consulation, so by taking a space, someone else doesn't get to. That said, if you're unsatisfied with the high end package for any reason, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know so we can come to a resolution.
If you purchase 'The Entrepreneur' or 'The Executive' packages, yes! Upon successful completion of the chapter quizzes and final exam, you'll earn a certificate of completion. We'll also make sure to post your certificate of completion as a LinkedIn recommendation from our team. Though there's no cap and gown ceremony, sorry.

After the Course

This is a tough question because it depends on your business and what channels are useful to you. But we usually say that it should take about 25-35 hours per week for the full spectrum of content production and posting. However, this is just when you start. As you gain experience in content production and posting, we find that after about 6 months, most SMMs (Social Media Managers) will spend about 10-15 hours a week on what we teach.
As Anna is very fond of saying, the ROI of being present and active on social media is that you get to continue existing as a business into the future. That may sound harsh, but ultimately is the truth as Generation Z shifts into being the biggest demographic and even as older generations continue to shift their life towards digital media. The goal of organic social marketing is to broaden the sales funnel and increase brand awareness. It may lead to more clicks, but it's up to you/your website/your product to convert those clicks into sales.
This goes along with ROI; it's not going to convert into sales immediately. It may take a year of regular social media presence before you notice an uptick in customers and even then you may not be able to trace it to one specific thing. Most of our past clients DO eventually notice an uptick in sales though.
AdWords are great! What we teach is not meant to be used in isolation, just the same as AdWords. Having the world's greatest website won't get you more sales if no one sees it, just the same as having the world's best social accounts won't transform clicks into sales if there's nothing to convert them at the end. These things all work in unison.
Honestly, that's why we exist. We grew by helping out small business that didn't have a big budget, if they had any budget at all. So the initial investment in the course is a larger upfront cost, but the posting is free! We advocate sending an office manager or a part-time employee looking for more responsibility to take the course!
Well, most of those taking the course are being sent by an employer or are a business owner themselves... But if you're flying solo, we have a great network of past clients and interns that are frequently looking for social media managers. We post those opportunities in the Facebook group, so after completing the course, keep an eye there.

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