“That is the key to navigating this life—don’t take it too seriously. That’s when the party begins.”

Ru Paul, Branding EXPERT Extraordinaire


Besides Raging Coffee Addicts

Halo. Hola. Oh, hey. So, I guess we should start with the pineapple. 🍍

Well, that’s who we are. I (Anna!) launched the brand when I was a pineapple-loving scuba diving expat on a tropical island, teaching dive shops how to use digital marketing to reach new audiences. In fact, I’ve been teaching marketing to interns for the last three years in Indonesia with some great results.

The Pineapple Hustle began when I wanted to bring that same passion for marketing to a broader audience – start-ups, small businesses, and side hustle entrepreneurs that need a way to expand their network organically without spending a fortune.

But I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. I would rather bathe in spiders than teach by posting ‘candid’ pictures of me working on a bed along with an overly dramatic retelling of the hyperinflated insecurities in my life.

No, I’m going to teach and have fun doing it. So I’ve created the course to be bright, bold, and FUN. Our meme game is 🔥!

Just because I’m expanding my brand doesn’t mean I’m going to give up who I am and pretend to be black & white or corporate…and you shouldn’t either. It’s not about changing your brand to reach new audiences. It’s about marketing your brand, in all its uniqueness. And that’s the point of this all.


Besides Snorting When We Laugh

Everyone needs marketing. But not everyone who starts a business is particularly good at that. Heck, you started a dive company because you LOVE TO DIVE. Or you opened a restaurant because you have the best dang tacos al pastor recipe that the world needs to experience. (If you do, let’s chat.)

People start small businesses because they are passionate about their product or service. And at The Pineapple Hustle, we get that.

See, what we’re passionate about is seeing other people get their kicks and succeed. So our goal is to give every small business owner, entrepreneur, aspiring digital nomad or future Gary Vee the keys to drive that dream off into the sunset.

How do we do that? Our 125 hour/5 week jam-packed course will give you some relatively simple, cheap and actionable steps that you can take to 1) build a memorable brand, 2) get in front of your ideal customers and 3)  PROFIT.

Whether you’re someone who wants to roll up their sleeves and put in the work to build your own business, sharpen your skills and improve your resume to get a digital marketing job or simply want to have a better understanding of who and what you’re looking for in a hire, The Pineapple Hustle will make sure your marketing tank has some rocket fuel in it.


Besides our insider knowledge of the best TAcos?

Because we know what we’re talking about. We’ve worked with over 70 brands and 130 students in the past couple of years alone. Scroll down and check out Anna and Rika’s experience. It speaks for itself.

Because we do our homeworkWe attend conferences, study courses by different instructors, scour the internet for the newest techniques, use data to spot emerging trends and deliver insights based on real client experience. We are in the trenches.

Because we cater to the little guy. We know you have limited resources and we get it. We’ll help show you the landscape and point you towards the fastest route to conversions. Plus, we know a few amazing views off the beaten path for those willing to invest more.

Because we teach it all. Whether you have a master’s degree in digital marketing or are still a little confused by your Gmail –  you’re going to learn a lot. Our course builds on itself so that no one gets left behind. We’ll help set up solid foundations for those who aren’t comfortable navigating the online world before easing students into more advanced techniques. 

Because we’re going to be honest with you. Marketing takes time. It takes work. It takes at least ten screams out into the darkness… “BUT WHERE IS THE ROI !!!!!” But we’ll get you going and give you a realistic expectation of what you can expect. We’ve taught this course over 15 times and not once has the content been the same? Why? The trends, algorithms, and tools change by the day. But we know the history, we understand how the platforms operate and we’re pretty darn good at predicting upcoming trends. Here’s looking at you, TikTok.

Because we’re more fun. – Did you see the Ru Paul quote at the top? Learning should never be boring. It should cater to different learning styles, but who could argue with some solid belly laughs during a theory lesson – remember, our meme game is 🔥. The Pineapple Hustle won’t feel like a chore to get through.



ANNA KLOTH is the Founder and Executive Director of Paradise Marketing, known best for the Paradise Interns program that matches capable interns with companies who are looking to step towards the digital age. Paradise Marketing also encompasses The Pineapple Hustle 5-Week Digital Marketing Bootcamp and Paradise Consulting. 

Anna has been employed in the dive industry for 9 years and marketing for 8 years. 

In 2017, she opened Paradise Interns, a unique marketing internship that provides dive companies with affordable marketing services and trains tomorrow’s social media managers. Over the past 3 years, she has trained over 120 interns with 60% of all interns offered or hired for positions before the end of their internship.

As Paradise Interns has grown to 7 employees with over 30 clients, Anna’s clout in the marketing world has, too. In the past year, she has provided marketing consulting for NASA and spoke alongside internationally acclaimed marketers at the InOrbit marketing conference in Slovenia.



RIKA MACAULEY is the Chief Operating Officer and resident blogging expert. She coaches students on best-practice content writing and SEO. She is also the yin to Anna’s yang and masterfully keeps the behind-the-scenes company operations on track.

In 2011, Rika was working as a paralegal and went to Roatan, Honduras on vacation where she met Anna, who was working as a dive instructor. After convincing Rika that she, too, could move there and become an instructor – that’s exactly what she did. During this time, she started her travel and expat lifestyle blog, Cubicle Throwdown.

Since starting Cubicle Throwdown in early 2012, Rika has lived and travelled all over the world, chronicling it on the way. She has been published in Frommer’s guidebooks, online diving publications, several in-flight magazines, and landed a partnership with AirTransat as a resident expat expert. She also has worked as a staff writer at copywriting agencies, as a proofreader/copy editor, and as a ghost writer and guest poster for major travel bloggers.